Kelly's Canine Connection

                                      Customer Reviews

-  "Kelly's Canine Connection is the best.  Our dog is happy to go there and when he comes out he looks ready to jump on the show platform!"                                                              -Kim & Terri; Dillsburg, PA


-  "Not only do I love you guys but Zoe loves it even more  :)  She starts to cry as we get closer to the Canine Connection.  I swear she knows when she goes.  She absolutely loves Kelly & Mike, they are her second mommy and daddy.  I am so glad you are in our lives!  Zoe is also very pooped at the end of her fun time there.  She has lots of bff's and I think it's awesome.  Thank You"              -Kathy; Mechanicsburg, PA


-  "Kelly from the Canine Connection is a miracle worker!  I give her my dirty, hairy and shedding dogs and she turns them into clean, white, sleekly groomed show dogs!"                          -Amy & Jim; York, PA


- "I would not take Nicco to anyone else! Mike & Kelly treats Nicco like he belongs to them. Nicco totally trusts them both. When we are about two blocks from the shop Nicco starts getting really excited and knows he is going to the "spa" and will be seeing his best friends! We will be going there Always!"

                                                                                                                                -Rick & Karen, York, PA

- "I so appreciate the opportunity for my dogs, Josie and Hazel, to be somewhere where they are safe, cared about, and (most of all) tired out from a day of playing with their buddies. Somedays when I pick them up we don't make it home before Hazel is snoring away in the car, exhausted from her fun day--then guess what, she behaves at home and does not dig or chew everything in sight!"         -Michelle, Enola, PA


- "Saying the word "Kelly's" in my house sends my dog Lizzie immediately to the front door ready to go for a fun day or just to get her nails done. I have always been thankful with how flexible Kelly and Mike are with drop off and pick up times. Lizzie loves to play hard with her friends so when she was recuperating from leg surgery I felt bad that she would miss out on her fun time. Kelly and Mike were able to accommodate Lizzie with more quite time and supervised play so she could still be with her buddies. They have truly treated Lizzie like a member of their family and for that I am eternally grateful."           -Amy, Mechanicsburg, PA