Kelly's Canine Connection

                                  Grooming Services & Pricing



 All of our full service grooms include:

Quality Shampoo

Full brush out

Coat Clipping

Nail Clipping

Ear clean out/hair removal



Additional Services at a minimal price include:


Nail grinding  $5.00

Nail Clipping & Grinding without full groom  $12.00

Express Anal Glands  $4.00

Tooth scaling, brushing & fresh breath spray  $5.00

Conditioning Shampoo $5.00

Flea & Tick Shampoo  $8.00-$10.00

Dematting Shampoo $5.00

Medicated Soak  $5.00
Topical Flea Treatment  $10.00
The Works Package  $14.99

The Works Package is an add on package that would include the full groom plus a nail grind, express anal glands, tooth brushing & fresh breath spray and a specialized shampoo. 


 Kelly's Canine Connection offers a 15% multi pet discount on every pet groomed on the same day!

Kelly's Canine Connection offers a $20.00 discount on all referrals for existing clients!


Some sample pricing:


Australian Shepherd  $45.00

Beagle  $30.00

Bichon Frises  $45.00

Boxer   $40.00 

 Brittany   $45.00

Bulldog   $35.00

Cavalier   $45.00

Chihuahua   $20.00

Cocker Spaniel  $50.00

Collie (Rough)   $60.00

Smooth Dachshund   $20.00

German Shepherd   $55.00

Golden Doodle  $65.00

Golden Retriever  $55.00

Great Dane  $60.00

Havanese   $45.00

Irish Setter  $60.00

Labrador Retriever  $45.00

Lhasa Apso  $45.00

Long Hair Cats   $45.00

Maltese  $45.00

Norfolk Terrier  $40.00

Pekingese  $45.00

Poodle (Standard)  $65.00

Poodle (Toy)  $40.00

Pug  $25.00

Schnauzer   $40.00

Scottish Terrier  $45.00

Shetland Sheepdog  $45.00

Shih Tzu   $45.00

Siberian Husky  $55.00

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  $55.00

Springer Spaniel   $50.00

West Highland White Terrier  $45.00

Yorkshire Terrier   $40.00


 (Prices are just best estimates.  More accurate pricing can be given once we have an opportunity to see your pet in person)

We groom all breed dogs & cats, if your breed is not listed give us a call  717-697-2710



 Kelly with a few of our regular clients:


                    "Jack" McCormack                                      "Baloo"Markel                           "Gabby" Slabonik